1More iBFree headphones review: Robust headphones with decent sound

Jan 31, 2018 AT 16:57 PM | BY LifeBanter


The headphone jack has been a bit of a limbo as some smartphone manufacturers have abandoned. However, with a majority to stick with it, we can say that it is here to stay for a time at least. Removing the 3.5 mm jack makes the smartphone look elegant and give a better conception of the aesthetic.

Without the audio jack around, the sale of Bluetooth headsets are expected to increase. With the Bluetooth, the headset audiophile does not have to worry about the grip and can easily carry their music with them. So, if you are planning to invest in a good pair of Bluetooth headphones then you can go for the recently introduced iBFree Bluetooth headphones for 1More. The brand is known for its corded headset, and has now decided to take a walk in the Bluetooth segment. We have used the budget friendly iBFree Bluetooth headphones for some time and here’s what we think.


1More iBFree are specially designed for the fitness enthusiasts out there. The wireless Bluetooth headset is lightweight and comes with a lock design that keeps them intact during heavy training sessions. The headphones come with the neck, elbow-style design and are available in red, grey, green, and blue color variants. The pilot unit is made of metal and is cylindrical in shape. The device consists of molded plastic wraps placed around the headphones, which is also part of the wings extended upward. This design ensures that the headphones do not come easily. Both the earpieces and the black fins are removable and the company offers three pairs of two for a comfortable fit. The device comes with IPX4 rating which makes it dust, water and sweat resistant.

The small cable of the iBFree headphones also consists of a control box. The rubber cable comes with a rectangular remote that will fall on the right side. The distance consists of three physical buttons and a LED indicator with the charging port microUSB, which is covered with a plastic flap. You can use the first button to increase the volume and play the previous track. The second key can be used to pause music or receive a call, and the third key can be used to decrease the volume or move to the next sound track. We were very impressed by the design of 1More iBFree Bluetooth earphones as they are lightweight, offer multifunctional remote, and are also dust-and water-resistant.


Coming to audio output, the 1More iBFree Bluetooth headphones manages to deliver solid bass output, clear and crisp sound even at high volumes. The mids and highs are also well-sculpted and enhanced and deeper bass, enhances the audio experience of users. During testing, we listened to vocal heavy tracks and acoustic and appreciated on these headphones. Unlike other cheap Bluetooth headsets available in the market, the 1More iBFree offers a good audio reproduction with a sufficient amount of details. The company claims that it can provide up to 10 hours of battery backup on a single charge; however, during our time with the device, we have found that it lasts up to 8 hours. However, one thing that is not the strong point of the device is its noise cancellation ability. The device does not cut the noise completely, which means that you have musical experience, will be disrupted with the noise of the environment. All buttons placed on the remote control works well and you can easily switch to music and take calls using the device.


The 1More iBfree is a good option for those who wish to carry their music with them while on the go. If you want a decent partner for your sessions, and don’t want to spend a lot, then you can definitely go for 1More iBfree Bluetooth headphones that are currently on sale at Rs 3,499 exclusively on Amazon. The earphones are much better compared to other expensive Bluetooth headsets available in the market. Apart from the design and experience, the multi-functional remote is an added bonus.

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