Apple iPhone X Review: The phone everybody wants

Jan 31, 2018 AT 16:30 PM | BY LifeBanter


It seems like yesterday when Steve Jobs was on stage for the launch of the first edition of the Apple iPhone. A decade has passed and sadly so has Steve, but his legacy continues. Apple launched the iPhone, X, November 3, at the global scale and for the first time in India. Hollywood and Bollywood, the actors have gone gaga over this smartphone. Apple iPhone X (Ten, as the company calls it) came to our test bench for the evaluation and review of the most talked about smartphone.

iPhone X Display and Design

From major portable devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone 8. in Addition, when we first held the iPhone X, it seemed a little small. But a few minutes with the phone, you realize that the screen is bigger than the iPhone 8 plus (5.5-inch). Apple iPhone X has Super Retina HD screen OLED (HDR ready) measuring 5.8 inches, but the overall size of the phone is small, because it is almost bezel-less. Thus, even if it has a larger screen than its brother, it is very nice to work with a single hand. The contrast ratio of this mobile is of 1 000 000:1 and supports a resolution of 2,436×1,125 pixels.

We loved the screen of the iPhone X, it makes everything look vibrant. Personally, we focused on the iPhone 8 Plus. We have played a lot of games and YouTube Videos on it and we were not once disappointed.

The phone fits well in one hand and the users can easily enter through the polished steel band running on the sides. This also gives a bit of nostalgia that some of the first generations of iphone have a somewhat similar design. The Apple iPhone X thanks to the facade of the screen has no home button now. The notch on the top is the only exception, on the edges of the screen. It has two cameras (infrared and the other of 7 MP), proximity, ambient light and other sensors, along with a MICROPHONE and a speaker.

The left side of the Apple iPhone X has the ringer toggle and volume buttons. While the right side has the power key, which doubles as the Siri button and a single Nano Sim slot. The bottom place of the microphone and loudspeaker grille with the relief port in the middle. Turn the mobile over and the first thing you’ll notice is the smooth glass back, like that found on the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. This makes the Apple iPhone X wireless charging ready also. Apple has also placed a couple of 12 MP (telephoto and wide-angle) cameras at the back. They are like those found on the iPhone 8. in Addition, however, the placement has been changed from one side to the other, the one on the other. The quad-LED flash is placed at the middle of the two. The silver Apple logo found on the upper half of the back, then the iPhone logo is on the bottom half. Color Options? Apple iPhone X is available in two colors space grey and silver.

Apple iPhone X the Performance and the Camera

We have said before, and we’ll say it again. Apple knows how to build a phone when it comes to the era of the performance space. The process configuration is usually found on the iPhone 8, with the exception of a new step has been added for the identification of faces. The Apple iPhone X can be unlocked using your face. Setting this up takes no time at all, and in a few seconds, we were ready. During use, the identification of the faces works very well, and nine times out of ten, we could open the phone with just a glance. Even in low light.

The most important change in this special edition of the iPhone is its on the edges of the screen and the omission of the home button. Built on iOS 11.1 Apple iPhone X will demand a little practice. You can check some of the neat changes that Apple introduced the new operating system here . There are changes on the operating system gesture and tap system. For example, to return to the home screen from an application, users must swipe up. The notifications are now towards the bottom from the top-left. Similarly, the control center back if the user slides the finger downward from the top to the right. To open the multitask system, you must swipe up from the bottom and hold. Another feature worth to mention Animoji. This feature uses the front camera to animate the user, such as a cartoon, which can be sent on a message. You can learn more about this feature here .

It all works well because the Apple iPhone, the X is extremely powerful machines inside. For a start, this is the last Bionic A11 chipset with 6 cores running at 2.39 GHz. This is coupled to 3 GB RAM and users have the option to choose the 64 gb or 256 GB storage version. There is no way to the plus version. All this makes the heaviest of the AR applications, games and HD videos run without effort. We ran Antutu benchmark on the Apple iPhone X and it spun all scored an amazing 2,28,551 points. It is more than 10 000 points more when compared to the iPhone 8 Plus.

Jump on another brilliant aspect of the Apple iPhone-X — its camera system (front and rear). Our jaws dropped when we experienced the new front portrait scheme of things on the Apple iPhone X. It is the best we have experienced so far and the selfies taken just took our breath away. The same characteristics that have been seen on the Apple iPhone 8, More the rear camera are now available on the Apple iPhone X front and rear cameras. Our favourite is the light in the scene that creates black masking around the object, highlighting it.

The photos taken before 7 MP and rear 12 MP sensors, were outstanding. We had a lot of details, and rarely do we want to re-click on an image. The colors are bright, even at 2X zoom. The videos are not different. 4K videos can be taken at 60 FPS and the results are spectacular. The Apple iPhone X may give some of the best stand-alone video cameras a run for their money.

Apple has worked hard to improve the battery life of its smartphone, and the results show that the iPhone X. We were able to squeeze nearly 20 hours of work to 35% of the brightness of the screen. This includes nominal phone calls on the 4G network with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, an hour or two of play, and YouTube reading. Charging the phone takes a bit of time with the charger supplied. Therefore, we suggest that you do it during the night and be ready for the next day. Thanks to the rear glass on the Apple iPhone X, the smartphone can be charged on a wireless charger.

Jumping on the entertainment and the quality of the call, the speakers on the Apple iPhone X have been as powerful as the iPhone 8 plus. However, the experience of the music is much better on the supplied headphones. The call quality was not bad either and who is the best in the class. We have faced a little problem in the basement, but it is mainly due to the network and has nothing to do with the device.


There have been reports of iPhone X display no longer responds. During our extensive testing, we have been faced with the question only twice, once when running a graphics hungry game and once in the navigation on the Facebook app. Apple has said in the next update this problem will be solved. However, it does not ruin the overall experience of the iPhone X, and one can overcome this problem (for the moment) by the rotation of the screen and restart the application.

The Apple iPhone X 256 GB is sold for Rs 1,02,000, and may seem high, but with the features it offers, it is well worth the high cost. If you can move, Apple iPhone X is the best iPhone to own.

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