Is Google Preparing a VR Helmet?

Jan 31, 2018 AT 21:24 PM | BY LifeBanter

google-vr-cardboardRecently, Google has worked with the development of some of the RV accessibility issues, this door to a whole new level, away from their low-cost VR alternatives like Google Cardboard (which is an excellent device, in fact, at least for what it is wanted).

Several famous Google tries to work with the improvement of the VR include such examples that is known as Project Tango, which has used vr technology to the physical map of the space. There is also the daydream, of course, but it is the Tango that isset to be released in the helmets.

The way in which this technology is something called the “immersive computing”, what it means, it is essentially allowing the computer to simulate the work habits of a real human brain!

For this, Google is in partnership with the well-known example of the giants such as Qualcomm, HTC, and Lenovo, together, they have a plan to releave products available in the market.

Until now, the new VR headset produced by Google is powered by the Reverie. It uses a system called “WorldSense”, which enables the monitoring of movement across the front-edge detection cameras.

Now, if this is the future that we are heading for, it could mean that he is coming, we can walk inside a YouTube video! Something to look forward to, right?