Motorola's new wireless headphones are the least expensive, but they are not even worth your money

Jan 31, 2018 AT 19:17 PM | BY LifeBanter


I’ve been grading on a curve when it comes to truly wireless headphones. Or at least, I was. It is a technological challenge — fitting, respectable battery life, sound quality, and wireless devices in a small form factor — that I felt worthy of catalog companies am full in the face of things they were wrong.

This is why, in spite of the low score and the title, I was still a little forgiving with the Motorola VerveOnes+ last year. (To be clear, they are manufactured by a company called Binatone, Motorola just licenses the name.) These headphones were uncomfortable, didn’t offer its incredible, and were not cheap. They also buried some of the most useful features to the application, instead of offering a quick access via the headphone integrated buttons. But they have had the phone to headset connection, especially to the right, which is unfortunately still a feat at the time.

But now, there are AirPods and the Bragi headphones Headset. (God, that name.) Finally, we have a base of reference for the wireless headphones of this work, and, from some points of view, the work well. I would not have bought the VerveOnes before these other earphones is out, and I would not buy now.

All of this being said, there is a new series of Motorola branded wireless headphones. They are called “VerveOnes ME”, “ME” standing “Music Edition.” The connection is supposed to be better, they are less expensive, and with this name, one would think they would sound better, too.

Unfortunately, the only one of these claims seems to be true, it is that the headphones are less. You can buy the VerveOnes ME for$ 149, which seems like it is going to be the sweet spot for the wireless earphone of the pricing for the coming year. Even with this price drop, though, I still don’t buy these. Here are a few reasons why:

– The sound is not much better. It is flat, even muddy at times. The headphones are also basically only good for music — there is too much delay to use for watching videos or games, and I’ve been struggling to get them to work with the latter.

-The headphones are uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour.

-There is a really annoying beep all the time you pair of headphones or even press any of the buttons, which are also very steep.

-Binatone removed a portion of the useful (but buried) features such as EQUALIZER and audio passthrough.

There was a hiss of white noise all the time, the headphones start streaming the music. I can’t tell what’s more annoying — the white noise itself, or the fact that you can hear it start and stop before and after the playback of a song.

-The Bluetooth connection, if anything, has been a little bit worse. The synchronization between the headphones has been fixed, but I have lived more overall connection hiccups with the VerveOnes+ last year.

None of these issues are worth suffering through the perception of the convenience of wireless headphones. (And if you believe that there are reasons of convenience I do, if I understand there are risks, such as the loss of one.) It would have been more acceptable of the problems at the VerveOnes have been one of the few pairs of wireless headphones that works, but there’s no more room for excuses now that the market has moved out of the beta phase.

The problem with Motorola secondhand approach is reflected in the overall quality of the VerveOnes and the lack of significant improvement in the last year, the product. If Motorola wants to sell wireless headphones that in fact impress, may be the people, it must make a pair themselves.

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