Samsung could have made the Apple iPhone X expensive

Jan 31, 2018 AT 12:28 PM | BY LifeBanter


Apple has launched its tenth anniversary edition iPhone called the iPhone X. The smartphone comes with a price tag starting of $999(64gb). According to a report published by a Chinese website, some industry insiders have done some research and has claimed to have estimated the costs of manufacture of all components used in the special edition of the iPhone.

The report says that the $999 iPhone X components may have cost the company $412.75, which is about 60% of the MRP cost of the device. The report adds that the most expensive component used in the iPhone X is 5.8-inch OLED screen from Samsung, which costs $80 per unit. The second most costly component which is said to be the NAND memory by Toshiba, costing $45 for the 256 GB. The 3 gb RAM of the chip is said to be priced at $24.