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We saw a long queue of new tablets this year in sizes large, regular and small. But the everyday things we use tablets to watch movies, play games, browse the web, check e-mails, and get a little light work — still have not changed much in 2015. And the key things to look for when buying are also the same; a tablet should have a screen, you can get lost for hours; it must be fast and powerful, with a wide choice of applications, and the battery should last all day and beyond. And though we often leave them at home, it is important that the tablets are transferable when we need it to be, a requirement that is disqualified particularly massive contenders this year.

Increasingly, we are seeing devices that attempt to bridge the gap between a laptop and a tablet. But in spite of all efforts, these hybrid devices are not completely replace the Pc and don’t feel great when you want to make the “tablet”. Tablets always best when they focus on leisure and entertainment. They are always from the east thing between your smartphone and your computer, and the best embrace this position. They have put amazing technology, something that is simple and really fun to use — and they do it without costing too much money. This is our first choice excels.

The Winner – Apple iPad Air 2

When you look at all of these things, Apple’s iPad Air 2 is the best tablet for most people. It starts to age a little, but checks all the boxes better than any other product on the market. From a material point of view, nothing else has done better than Apple’s design. The aluminum and glass building remains second to none, the display is a joy to watch, and the Air 2 offers the performance and durability needed to run the best applications and games for more than a full day.

It is also who has the most apps and games compared to other tablets. The App Store contains hundreds of thousands of apps designed for the iPad screen and hold it in your hand. And the iPad iOS software remains very easy to understand for newcomers, while new features like split screen multitasking made it a more powerful productivity tool. Anyone can pick up an iPad and feel comfortable in a few seconds, but it is also starting to build in the features that are really useful for power users.

You can buy it with a Wi-Fi only or with LTE built in, which could be important if you’re on the road often. But the 64 gb Wi-Fi model should be plenty for almost everyone. And since he has been around so long, it is not difficult to find a good deal that is cheaper than buying from Apple directly. In Addition, you have an infinite number of covers, keyboard cases, and other accessories to choose from, all of which can help to make the iPad feel more yours. The iPad of 9.7 inches, the screen is the best choice for videos, e-books, applications and games, but if you need something that is more easy to throw in a bag or to wear on the train, our runner-up is the right choice.

The finalist of the Apple iPad Mini 4

The iPad mini 4 is mainly a narrowing down of the iPad Air 2. It is almost as powerful with a screen that is just as bright and strong — just smaller, at 7.9 inches. With this miniature size comes considerably lighter; the mini 4 is much more comfortable to hold for reading Apple’s full-size counterpart. You’ll barely feel it in your bag. The iPad mini 4 runs all the same applications, and the performance is lightning fast, so that you are not really compromising anywhere in the decision to go small. This is a great way to check Facebook or tackle your inbox, and there are thousands of games to help make your journey go a little faster. And the battery, although not quite as long-lasting as the iPad Air 2, will power you through a cross-country flight without a problem.

There are a ton of accessories, too, although the older people iPad mini cases are unlikely to fit the new model. But you should definitely get the iPad mini 4 on the iPad mini 2 from Apple is also still selling it, which can feel a bit slow in comparison with a screen that is not as nice. And there is nothing more important on a tablet than its display. This is not quite as immersive as what you get with the Air 2, but the gains of portability could be a good compromise for many people.

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