The Wireless Charging Just Overcame His Biggest Obstacle

Jan 31, 2018 AT 18:09 PM | BY LifeBanter


The technology, in particular the stuff packed inside your smartphone, follows a linear progression. Each year brings better chips, better connectivity, Bluetooth, a better display (goodbye LCD), or a better life of the battery. But technology in smartphones has been a years-long tug-o-war—the wireless charging.

Apple has finally brought this wire-free charging tech for the iPhone with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but the idea has been around for years and now with only two formats, Powermat and Qi, fought for wireless charging supremacy. But now, the battle has finally come to an end.

In these, today, Powermat has announced that it will join the Wireless Power Consortium and share its technology in order to further promote the Qi wireless standard. With Powermat to join the movement, there will be no more confusion as to what the charging pad charges the phone. The future, hopefully, will now be the wireless charging of happiness.

From Palm (yes, Palm) first adopted the technology of wireless charging soon divided in to competing standards, simultaneously confusing potential buyers and make phone manufacturers shy away from the whole confusing mess. Samsung has even resorted to putting both standards in its phones, starting with the Galaxy S7 in 2016.

It is likely that Powermat and Qi joining forces in large part because of the iPhone’s adoption of the Qi standard of the last year. This would not be the first time Apple ceremoniously put to rest a technology that he deemed unworthy (sorry, the audio jack). We don’t know what this means for phones that move before, but now it’s much more likely that your next phone may finally bring some wireless happiness in your life.

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